Picture of Gypsy Jazz School Lesson 3

Gypsy Jazz School Lesson 3

At the end of this lesson you will be able to play a few of the most important Gypsy Jazz chord progressions.
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Difficulty Level:


23 Minutes

What This Lesson Comes With:
1 Video, 1 pdf with Tablature and full explanations

What This Lesson Covers:
In This lesson you will learn basic Gypsy jazz chord progressions with cool rhythm variations and kicks. The "real thing".
After watching this video :
* You will know how to play the I- VI- II- V progression -one of Django's favorites.
* You will know how to play Django Reinhardt turnarounds.
* You will know how to play turnaround variations.
* You will know how to play rhythm kicks and variations.
* You will know how to play authentic gypsy jazz progressions with the "right" chord shapes and rhythm variation.

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Product reviews
Learning to change chords affordably and comfortably
If in lesson 1 it learns the rhythm, in lesson 2 the position of chord, this is a continuation to learn the mouvenment, the changes.
Following the video you learn a system to change from one position to another mechanically following progressive system (from less to more) and step by step. I'm not a great player, only amateur, so I can't play everyday with other musician, then to me, the lessons 1, 2 and 3 are a very good resource everytime I notice my rithm don't run well. This is a moment to back to review this three lessons and the problem is solved.
The purpose is clearly to student learning and not the technical brilliance of the master, than other methods, rather than teaching the student can produce some frustration. In my opinion, very good job of Yaakof and like the other lessons too well worth the money spent.

From: gypsyjazz@gmx.es | Created on: 8/3/2012 12:45 AM

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